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Christopher Mansour, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Computing and Information Science/Cyber Security at Mercyhurst University

Christopher Mansour earned a PhD degree in Engineering with focus on Next Generation Networks Security from Villanova University, Villanova, PA, USA, in 2018; a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Villanova University, Villanova, PA, USA, in 2014; and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Communications Engineering from the American University of Science and Technology, Beirut, Lebanon, in 2012. He also earned a certificate in Cyber Security and another in Teaching Engineering in Higher Education from Villanova University, Villanova, PA, USA.
In his research, Christopher has been working on establishing trust and reliability for next generation networks through a layered approach. He has been able to design and provide prototype implementations of three different security solutions for the modern computer networks: A Data Plane Layer solution, an OS/Firmware Layer solution and an Application/Control Layer solution. His areas of expertise include: Computer Networks Security, Software Security, Embedded Systems Security, Internet of things, Ubiquitous Computing, Software Defined Networks, Cyberphysical Systems Security, Software Engineering, and Trusted Computing. He has published numerous articles in international peer-reviewed conferences and journals.
Christopher’s scholarly interests are in achieving reliability, security and trust for the next generation smart networks which are expected to enable a fully mobile and connected society and to empower socio-economic transformations in countless ways many of which are unimagined today. He aims at achieving a reliable, energy-efficient and a secure two-way communication between physical, computing and sensing devices which are at the core of such smart networks.
In terms of professional services, Christopher serves as a technical program committee member for plethora of local and international conferences. Additionally, Christopher is a member of IEEE Computer Society and ACM.
In terms of outreach activities, Christopher has helped in developing a compact program to introduce high school students into multiple Electrical and Computer Engineering fields. He has also been involved in local communities raising awairness in cybersecurity and promoting secure behavior online. Christopher has conducted numerous workshops on Cybersecurity in the tri-state area and has numerous media appearances offering insights and advice on cybersecurity incidents and topics
For a detailed information about the activities Christopher is involved in, please check his CV under the Resume Tab